A True Original.

In a world of generic wheel styles and knockoffs, Fittipaldi Wheels offers an authentic alternative for those seeking the “genuine article”. Championship legacy. Innovative design. All rolled into a prestigious line of unique wheel options.

Rising above the sea of sameness, Fittipaldi Wheels offers the ultimate in swagger and sophistication. With one-of-a-kind designs that always make a bold statement, from the starting line to the valet line.

Effortlessly graceful curves. Razor sharp edges. All captured in vivid, eye-catching styles, sizes and colors that make a memorable impression. At speed. And at rest. These are the looks that command attention. And instill envy.

Versatile FITMENT.

When it comes to today’s high-end cars and custom builds, finding the perfect combination of red-carpet readiness and street functionality requires exacting engineering specs. And Fittipaldi Wheels is ready with the right fit.

Engineered to excel.

At Fittipaldi Wheels, we’ve developed a core team of experienced engineers and designers all focused on developing cutting-edge wheels that lead the way for ultimate design and performance.